Travertine Tile in Boca Raton, FLTravertine tile has long been used as a luxury flooring material in Boca Raton homes. The tiles’ light color variations and tendency to stay cool in warm climates makes it a popular flooring option for the Florida climate.

Travertine is beautiful and versatile, but there are some things to consider when selecting this floor covering. Our team at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton has gathered some information about travertine tile to help you understand the pros and cons of this timeless stone.


One of the biggest benefits to using travertine flooring in your Boca Raton home is the tiles’ ability to stay cool to the touch, even in very hot weather. It’s also a relatively soft stone, making it a comfortable flooring option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Travertine, most commonly quarried in Italy, Turkey, and Mexico, is known for its light coloration of ivory and beige, and it can even take on a pink or reddish hue depending on the amount of iron in the stone. Travertine tiles can be polished to resemble marble, or left with a matte finish for a more rustic look. It’s a warm and inviting natural stone flooring that can add a timeless elegance to your space.

When you consider that many classical structures in Italy were constructed from travertine, including the Trevi Fountain in Rome, you will get some idea of the classic appeal this material will bring to your home.

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While the softness of travertine tile makes this flooring easy to install and comfortable underfoot, it does have some drawbacks. If not installed and sealed properly the tile can be quite fragile and prone to scratches and chips.

Travertine is also very porous and highly reactive to acidic substances. It stains easily, and spills must be cleaned up immediately to avoid permanent damage. Most holes in travertine are small, but some can be visible to the eye, and filling holes is a regular part of travertine maintenance.

Like all natural products, travertine can be more costly than other flooring tile options, such as porcelain. However, with travertine it is easier to find matching tiles if you ever need to replace one, making it a great investment over the long run.

If you’re interested in learning more about travertine floor tiles, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton. We’ll provide a free in-home design consultation to help you find the perfect tiles for your Boca Raton home.

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Photos by Rudy Umans and Kelly vanDellen