Natural stone tiles are a luxurious flooring option for homes and offices in Boca Raton, and granite is one of the most durable and popular stones available. It is extremely versatile when it comes to color, finish, and use so if you want to test it out, schedule an appointment with our Floor Coverings International Boca Raton mobile showroom. Let us take you through the properties of granite so you can decide if it is right for you.

Polished Granite Floor in Boca Raton


Granite is an igneous rock produced after the slow crystallization of magma cooling under the earth’s surface. It is made up of minerals such as feldspar and quartz, producing its characteristic shine. The intense pressure that the minerals are put under results in the very hard yet brittle feel of the rock. Granite is quarried in the form of dimension stone, which means that it is cut into blocks of specific lengths and widths for future production.


The beauty of granite is unmistakable. It has long, distinctive grains, and the color of the stone can range from creamy, light tones, to darker grays and earthy reds. It also accepts stain very evenly and can be customized to a color profile more in tune with the existing features in your home.

The finish of granite can range from a sleek, high gloss shine to a more natural, matte texture. A downside of the glossy look is that the tile can become very slippery, especially when wet. If you have young children or elderly family members in the home, a more natural finish would be better for you.

Granite Tile Samples in Boca RatonDurability

Granite is one of the hardest natural rocks on our planet and is able to withstand a large amount of weight on its surface. It would make a great flooring option for rooms with heavy furniture. It is resistant to scratches and dents from frequent foot traffic or pet claws. However, the hard stone is also dense underfoot and not very forgiving on your joints. As with any natural material, durable does not mean unbreakable. Take care in rooms, such as the kitchen, where items are likely to drop on the surface.


Because of the nature of granite, installation can be a quite a taxing procedure. The heavy blocks need to be lain perfectly level and you need to be careful of the brittle edges or they might chip. For this reason, hiring a professional, such as your local Floor Coverings International Boca Raton experts, is essential. Granite tile also needs a sealant to protect it from moisture and staining.

When properly installed, granite can last a lifetime and increase the value of your home. Furthermore, granite is a great choice if you wish to install radiant floor heating.


Although it may seem that granite is a complex flooring option, taking care of your granite on a day-to-day basis is incredible easy. Regular sweeping and vacuuming as well as immediate clean up of spills will keep your granite lasting for as long as you have your home.

These cleaning routines are true of any flooring you install, and the only other practice you may want to adopt is a repeated sealant application to be sure no excess moisture is creeping into the floors. Under proper care, these luxury floors will last a lifetime and will make the home more beautiful and valuable.

Dark Granite Tile Bathroom Boca Raton

Granite is a versatile option and a valuable investment. Keep in mind that granite is a luxury flooring material and the price tag will reflect that. If you’re still thinking it over, give your local experts at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton a call and schedule a visit from our mobile showroom to test out granite samples in the comfort of your Boca Raton home.

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