ceramic tile floor boca ratonCeramic tile floors are a diverse bunch, and you may be surprised to find out that two very different-looking floors can consist of this same reliable clay material. Ceramic is a wonderful earthy substance with a lot of potential.

The material is baked in a furnace before achieving its permanent look, and it makes a beautiful addition to any Boca Raton home. Today, we at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton want to talk ceramic floor tiles!

The Glaze

Ceramic tile can be installed just about anywhere in the home, but it often finds its way into kitchens or bathrooms. When ceramic floor tiles are laid in an area with sink or bathtub access, it is usually best to go with a glaze. Glazed ceramic will have a vibrant sheen to it, and your glazed tiles will be resistant to water. Glazes can come in a subtle matte varnish, or they can dazzle with the highly reflective gloss option.

Ceramic tiles that floor other rooms, especially those with heavy sunlight, can be unglazed for a natural hard-clay surface. This is a common option for family homes, where the less-slippery unglazed tiles can help keep running children steady on their feet.

ceramic tile floor boca raton

Size Solutions

Ceramic floor tiles come in all sorts of sizes, so homeowners have the option of custom-fitting their flooring to eligible rooms. A basic rule of thumb is that the larger the tiles, the larger the room will appear. Large ceramic tiles are a great option for providing smaller-end rooms with a freeing sense of expanse.

Small tiles are a bit mesmerizing – with so many intersecting grout lines between tiles, you can lose yourself in the quiet serenity of uniform tiling. One way to make any size of ceramic tiles stand out is to pair light tiles with dark grout, and vice versa. Whatever the room in question might need, whether it’s added space or a visual pop, ceramic tile can do it all.

Let Us Mold Your New Floors

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