Walk into rustic ranch house in Boca Raton, and the wood floor throughout the home may amaze you. The flooring may have a more antique appearance with knots and pinholes that adds its own unique character to the space.

The type of flooring you may be looking at in such a space is pine. Pine is a common wood species that’s been used for flooring for centuries. Learn more about the pros and cons of this rustic, traditional option from the experts at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton.
pine flooring in boca raton

Things to Know About Pine Wood Flooring

When it comes to wood flooring, most homeowners select hardwood flooring because they want something that can withstand heavy foot traffic while still maintaining its original beauty. Yet pine wood flooring is a unique material in its own separate category. This is a softwood species, so it can take on a rustic and worn appearance that many homeowners love. There are two common types of pine wood flooring used in homes: Heart Pine and Eastern White Pine. Pine flooring can come as regular planks and as wide plank flooring options, so there is a variety to fit any style home.

Some Advantages to Pine Wood Floors

Pine typically costs less than other hardwood options, which is why it is still widely popular today as a flooring material. Depending on the variety, it can come in light and dark colors, such as amber, gold and warm brown, and the material can hold in stain finishes to give a beautiful look to the space. It can be placed in all areas of the home including living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and even kitchens. Due to its softness and being prone to dents, it can add to the character of rustic style homes.

Softwoods also can have a long lifespan, and pine flooring can last over a century! Reclaimed pine has become popular in recent years, and people will source pine planks from old barns and other buildings to lay the wood as flooring in their homes.

Some Disadvantages to Pine Wood Floors

Softwoods such as pine are not ideal for busy homes where you are looking for a pristine appearance. Dents, scratches, and the occasional scuffmarks will appear. So if you have a home with kids and pets, it may not be the ideal choice in entranceways, or in places where any hard object can be dropped onto the surface. You also have to be careful when rearranging furniture or sliding heavy objects across the floor. You may unintentionally scratch the surface.

Enjoy the Beauty of Pine Wood Flooring in Your Home

While hardwoods may be more suitable in busy homes with large families, don’t pass over the unique qualities of softwoods such as pine wood flooring. If you plan to have a quiet and relaxing home by yourself or with a spouse, you won’t have to worry about any significant foot traffic that will dent and scratch the surface. You may even fall in love with these small imperfections that can enhance the rustic characteristics of your home. With the range of colors and varieties, you can select the pine wood flooring that will look fabulous in your home for generations to come. Get started with a free in-home design consultation from Floor Coverings International Boca Raton.

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