hand-scraped hardwood flooring in boca raton, flHand-scraped hardwood flooring has been a favorite style among homeowners in the Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach area in recent years. This rustic look brings warmth and character to any space and stands up to the inevitable wear and tear of active families.

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Hand-Scraped Hardwood Facts

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is a style that dates back generations. Originally, the only way to level wood flooring was to use hand tools to scrape the bark, knots, and other imperfections from the woods’ surface. That textured appearance fell out of favor with the introduction of the super-smooth hardwood finishes that are possible with modern machinery. Hand-scraped hardwoods have become popular again in recent years with homeowners that prefer a more rustic, casual look at home.

Today, hardwood can be scraped by hand or by machine. Planks that are scraped by machine are much more affordable; however, planks that are scraped by hand are a true artisan product that can bring value to your home. Both engineered and solid wood flooring is available in hand-scraped finishes, making this look an affordable option for many homeowners around Boca Raton.

Benefits of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Hand-scraped hardwood is a popular option right now, and it will bring a contemporary, rustic look to a home. In addition to the aesthetic value, scraped hardwoods will naturally hide any flaws. If you have an active household with children, pets, or heavy foot traffic, hand-scraped hardwoods could hide any damage that is bound to occur over time.

Drawbacks to Hand-Scraped Hardwood

There are few drawbacks to hand-scraped hardwood if it is a style you enjoy. As with any trend, however, hand-scraped hardwood could fall out of favor in the coming years. It’s always important to consider resale value and changing tastes when making an investment in your home interior.

Finally, consider the quality of the boards when selecting hand-scraped hardwoods for a home. Lower-quality finishes could leave rough edges on the planks that will snag or scratch soft items on the surface of the floor.

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