Berber Carpet in Delray BeachBerber carpet has long been a favorite floor covering for commercial spaces and schools due to its durability and low maintenance. However, this carpeting has grown in popularity in recent years for in-home use as well. Berber carpets today are available in a variety of fibers and pile heights, and there is a style to suit any room in your Delray Beach home.

Benefits of Berber Carpet

First named for the Berber people of North Africa, traditional Berber rugs are weaved using a loop technique and the fibers are dyed in bright colors. However, Berber carpeting as we know it is a broad term that refers to any loop pile carpet. It is commonly found in solid or flecked color variations and the loop pile height varies greatly from the short pile perfect for high traffic areas, to the longer, more luxurious pile that is preferred for the cozy spaces in your home.

Today you can even find Berber carpet with varying pile heights on the same rug, or cut and loop pile combinations that make interesting patterns across the floor covering. Regardless of the pile height, the looped construction of a Berber carpet makes it very durable. With no exposed tips on the fibers loop pile carpets can really stand the test of time in your home.


While the durability, maintenance, and style benefits of Berber abound, there are some considerations to keep in mind when installing Berber carpet in your home. The loop pile does have a tendency to snag, and the carpeting can run if these are left untreated. Pet claws, dragging furniture, and high-heeled shoes are just some of the things that can damage a Berber carpet.

While Berber carpet is durable and a great option for hiding dirt, footprints, and vacuum tracks, the loops can also trap dirt and debris. Vacuum regularly and perform occasional deeper cleanings to keep the carpet looking great.

Like all carpeting, the cost of Berber greatly depends on the fiber you select. Wool and nylon are popular, though more expensive than synthetic options. If you are ready to find new carpeting for your home, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton. We provide free design consultations in the Delray Beach area to help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

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