Get your home gym in shape before the start of the New Year! Here are some top picks for gym flooring from the experts at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton.

home gym flooring in boca raton


Luxury vinyl tile or plank flooring is a great option for any room in the home, but the benefits make it a particularly appealing option for a home gym. It is durable and resilient. It will resist scratches and dents and absorb noise so you can bang weights around and blast those motivational tunes. It is also highly resistant to water damage so you don’t need to worry about spilled water, drops of sweat or special cleaning products on the surface.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet may not be the first thing that comes to mind for gym flooring, but carpet tiles can be a great option for many reasons. They are typically constructed from low pile, commercial grade carpet with durable backing. They won’t be damaged by dropping weights or heavy foot traffic. They are easy to clean and install, and damaged tiles can be replaced quickly. Carpet tile is also perfect if your home gym is doing double duty as a kids playroom.


Cork flooring has been trending lately as a top option for eco-conscious homeowners. This unique material comes from the bark of cork trees and is 100% renewable and biodegradable. In addition to its resilient qualities and water-resistance, cork flooring is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. It will resist mold and mildew and provide a healthy environment and clean air quality that you will appreciate while huffing and puffing through a tough workout.


If you use a workout space for lighter exercise, such as yoga or aerobics, then laminate flooring is a great choice. It is durable, water resistant and affordable. And, like luxury vinyl, laminate comes in many colors and textures to mimic the look of real wood. It’s an ideal option for homeowners that need a gym to double as a guest room, home office or quiet meditation space.


Rubber flooring is the classic option for a home gym. It is the most shock absorbent flooring material available, making it perfect for heavy weight lifting. It is easy to clean and, like cork, boasts antimicrobial properties. Rubber flooring can be installed in tiles or sheets, and there are many colors to choose from.

If you are ready to get started on new flooring for your home gym, contact the team at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton. We will come to you with our mobile showroom to help you find the right materials for the space.

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