exotic hardwood boca ratonJust because you love the warmth, beauty, and longevity of a good hardwood floor doesn’t mean you want to go the traditional red oak route. Exotic hardwoods are a great way to break the mold. They can bring unique style and incredible durability to any home. We have many hardwood species to choose from at Floor Coverings International Boca Raton, and below is a list of our three favorite exotic hardwoods that will make a statement in your Boca Raton home.

Ipe or Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is an exceptionally tough exotic hardwood that stands out for its incredible durability. In comparison to red oak, which scores 1,290 on the Janka hardness scale, Brazilian walnut scores 3,220 and ranks as one of the hardest woods that can be made into flooring. Its density makes it a good choice for outdoor decks. It is known for its dark warm color and wide graining, giving it a distinctly rich and sophisticated appearance. Brazilian walnut is the hardwood to choose for homeowners who need a heavy-duty floor but still want to make a statement.

Brazilian Cherry

One of the most commonly sought after exotic hardwoods is Brazilian cherry. While not as dense as Brazilian walnut, Brazilian cherry still ranks relatively high on the Janka scale with a score of 2,350 and it is a great choice in busy households. Most notable for its reddish hue, Brazilian cherry hardwood is a great choice for bringing sophistication and warmth to any room. Thanks to its popularity, this wood has become easier and more affordable to purchase. This makes for a great option for homeowners seeking a unique, exotic hardwood at a great value.


The dramatic appearance of this hardwood is what gives it its name. Tigerwood’s rich color and bold, striped grain makes it the ideal floor for homeowners looking to make a statement. This unique hardwood is both gorgeous and durable, scoring 1,850 on the Janka hardness scale. Tigerwood is an oily wood that naturally repels insects, fungus, and mold. Keep in mind that not all exotic hardwoods are harvested sustainably – including Tigerwood. Look for FSC-certified Tigerwood harvested from South America to avoid contributing to environmental damage.

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