parquet flooring boca raton

Floor Coverings International Boca Raton is your local authority on all things flooring. Today we are discussing parquet flooring and how this unique method of installing hardwood can bring a greater level of customization to your space.

What is Parquet?

In its simplest form, parquet flooring is the arrangement of hardwood boards into various geometric shapes and designs. Primarily originating in France, this method gained traction after parquet floors were installed in the Palace of Versailles. The designs quickly caught on, and the rest is flooring history. Today, in addition to real hardwood parquet, wood-look laminate and patterned vinyl also offer their own versions of parquet flooring vis-à-vis a parquet-esque printed overlay.

Design Ideas

There are so many ways to design parquet flooring. When evaluating your space consider what shapes would complement the rooms, what size design will help make the room look larger, and which combination of colors will create the look you want.

parquet flooring boca raton

Some common parquet patterns include:


A herringbone pattern is created by placing rectangular blocks of wood next to one another, establishing a continuous zigzag that crisscrosses across the floor. Herringbone is one of the most popular parquet flooring patterns and works well in both casual and formal spaces.


A chevron pattern is very similar to herringbone in that both create a sort of arrow effect. The difference between them is that while the boards in a herringbone pattern are staggered, the wood blocks in a chevron design come together to create a perfect “V”.


Creating a kind of basket-weave effect, parquet done in the Chantilly style is perfect for more formal rooms where it lends an elegant touch. This is a more traditional parquet design, while chevron and herringbone are more contemporary patterns.

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